Cheapest Plot in dehradun:

This is for you INVESTORS!!! If you are looking to buy Cheapest Plot in Dehradun

Hello investors!!! wondering where you can get the cheapest plot in dehradun!! YES you are at the right place.

For last 10 years being in real estate sector we have never seen an amazing site like this which gives you the beautiful and amazing ROI and that even the price starts at such a low price.

YES I KNOW, YOU ARE EXCITED TO KNOW THE PRICE, But hold on we will tell you the price later, but let me give you an overview about this amazing site.

It was on Feb 2015 when we were looking for an amazing plot site just like a replica of “Rajpur Road” which we can provide to our clients and specially to those clients who were looking for a place close to nature with an amazing hill view and a flowing river side and that even near Dehradun.

So this was the place “Birsani” which we find most promising and which can give a close counter to Rajpur Mussoorie Road view.

All the people looking for cheap property or cheap plot in dehradun, then this is the place to rely on.

Let me share you an amazing aerial view of the site although we shot this on summer, and the view comes amazing during rainy days.

But you will get an idea about the amazing site that we have for you.

During the early stage of our working “during 2016” we started working on a 40 bigha project, and the rate which was their for our client was Rs.4000 per sqr yard, that means you can get a plot of 100 sqr yard easily at 4 lac and our clients were happy to see the project and we received an amazing response from them.

or we can say,

900 sqr ft = 4 lacs

Yes that sounds amazing, one of the cheapest plots in dehradun. It really is and the best part is it is having all the view together like forest view,hill view and the river side view.

I am sharing you some of the amazing pics of this site and also the video shoot of this area and pics.


If you talk about this site which we initially started on 2016, we also constructed a Farm House sharing you the pic of mini villa which we constructed at 110 sqr yrd. This villa is constructed at very low budget with good quality material.

plot in dehradun

Now all the plot of that that site is on resale value. And at present the price is Rs. 7000/- at least. In an around 2 year we have seen a price growth of 50%- 75% during this duration of 2016- 2018.

And the best part is no one is selling their plot.That site is in front of Govt Inter college Birsani, Dehradun.

All the plots in dehradun of birsani are worth of price and have proper water and electricity connection.

Now after completing this project we started a project of 60 bigha, 3kms ahead of that site in birsani dehradun.

plots dehradunplot dehradun

land dehradun

The site is WELL DEVELOPED and initially we fixed a rate of Rs. 3000/ per sqr yrd. and now its rate is around Rs. 5500/-.

Sharing you the pics of this site.

This site is already sold completely within 3 months.

Now we have started a new project which is at Rs.7500/- per sqr yrd.

The best part about this site is,it is 143 converted and has 25 feet road. The road is well connected with MDR MUSSOORIE DEHRADUN ROAD.

Sharing you the pic of this site.

cheapest land for sale in dehradun

If I talk about the region, then this whole region is well covered with tree and has 0% pollution area.

Why I am focussion on this area is because it is the only region in DEHRADUN which has cheapest plots available than any other part of dehradun.

Now let me tell you some of the best benefits of this site.

Benefits of this site for PLOT IN DEHRADUN.

1. Near MDR Road
2. Near International Meditation center
3. Forest view
4. Ecole Globale Internation school near by.
5. Hill view
6. Mussoorie just 16km away from site
7. This site has the cheapst plot in dehradun and even near to mussoorie.
8. All major school,collage , universities like uttaranchal university uttarakhand technical university & petroleum university within 10 km.
9. 35 min drive from ISBT.
10. 20 Min Drive from Indian military academy.
11. Project is surrounded by lush green forest.
12. 20 min drive from selaqui industrial area and pharma city.
13. 60 min drive from airport.
14. Flexible Sizes with Minimum Investment: With unit sizes of 100 Sqyd,150 sqyd 200sqyd and  300Sqyd
15. 0% pollution area.
16. River side view

These are free hold residential cheap plot in dehradun basically on foothills of Mussoorie, Dehradun
(Uttarakhand). Mentioned below are some prominent ‘reasons’ to choose this project over
an ordinary township, but an investment which will be worth its weight in Gold:
Dehradun is the capital city of the state of Uttarakhand in the northern part of India.

Located in the Garhwal region, it is 236 km north of India’s capital New Delhi and is one of the “Counter Magnets” of the
National Capital Region (NCR) being developed as an alternative centre of growth to help ease the
migration and population explosion in the Delhi metropolitan area. Dehradun is in theDoon Valley on the
foothills of the Himalayas.

google map


Now seriously if you are searching for cheapest land in dehradun, then it is the better option where you can get land at best price.

WHY Land in Dehradun??

The capital of Uttarakhand, Dehradun is a gateway to some of the most popular hill stations in the country like Nainital and Mussoorie.
Nestled in the Doon Valley, it is primarily known for the number of elite boarding schools it has like the Doon School and the Indian Military Academy.
In fact, Dehradun is also called the ‘school capital of India’ for the number of schools it is home to. The much-loved Basmati rice is grown in abundance
in this city and then exported to other parts of the country

Despite excelling in different businesses like schooling, agriculture, construction, etc, the city of Dehradun is still known for its calm
and relaxing life where the weather is pleasant and the air, fresh. It lies between the Ganga and Yamuna Rivers, two of the most prominent
water bodies in the county.
The city is at an elevation of 450m above sea level and makes for pleasant stay for tourists.

is well-connected by roads, rail and air and is easily accessible from most parts of the country.
It is 235 km away from Delhi that is easy to reach from different parts of India.
Chandigarh is only 183 km away from Dehradun and many drive down to this place in their own vehicle.
You can even avail of public and private buses from places like Agra, Kullu, Shimla, Delhi and Chandigarh.


The landscape of Dehradun is bright and colorful, giving the city a majestic charm to complement its beautiful temples and structures.
Dehradun is very near to some of India’s most popular pilgrimage sites such as Haridwar and Rishikesh.
Apart from the innumerable fairs, temples and museums that attract lakhs of tourists to Dehradun, the pleasant weather that the city enjoys, apart from good connectivity, is one of the many reasons that Dehradun is quite a favorite among tourists.
There are several sights to see in this beautiful city and if you are planning a trip to Dehradun, make sure you include these in your list.


There are many places to see that attracts the sightseers in folks every year in Dehradun, the capital of Uttarakhand state.
Forest Research Institute
The Forest Research institute is placed in the northwest of Dehradun city.
The institute was constructed by the British ruler in the centaury of 1906.
The major significance of the institute is to conserve the flora and fauna of India.
The FRI adds six museums, where tourists visit on holidays.

Malsi Deer Park

The Malsi Deer Park is a great Zoological park in Dehradun.
The park is famous for its unequalled picturesqueness. The park is situated in the foot of the Shivaliks.
People can view different species of deers like Neelgai, birds, animals and two horn deers. The Malsi Park lies on the way to Mussoorie.
The park is almost 10 kilo meter from Dehradun. All the refreshments are available at the Malsi Deer Park.
Deers are the major attraction for the sightseers. There is a park particularly for the children who come here during their vacation times.


The actual meaning of the term “Sahastradhara” stands for “Thousand Fold Spring”.
The water is sulfuric that is why the people of Dehradun use the water as medicine.
The water temperature of the spring is low. It is an amazing sight for the visitors;
the tourists also take a bathe into the water of the spring. The site is located 14 kilometers away from Dehradun bus stop.
Visitors can reach the unique site throughout the year. The luxurious accommodation is available at Sahastradhara.
There is no problem to access here because; Dehradun railhead is nearest to the location.

Lakshman Siddh Temple

The sanctitude makes the shrine so popular among the devotees. The temple is known by the name of Lakshman Temple.
Lakshman was the younger brother of Lord Rama. During the battle with the demon king Ravana, Lakshman killed his enemy Ravana and did hi reparation here.
The temple is a great attraction for the visited people in Dehradun.

Clock Tower

Clock Tower is one of the oldest and big structures of the city. The tower is the proud of the city and since then it maintained the dignity before India’s freedom.
According to the people of the area who claim that the sound of the bell can be heard from different places around the tower.
Nowadays the Tower is disappearing just because of the mega constructions surrounded the tower.

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