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Reasons why you should buy a Plot in Dehradun:
1. Dehradun is beautiful:
              Dehradun is the most beautiful city in India famous for its greenery. Dehradun is the capital of the Indian state of Uttarakhand, a state in the northern part of India. It is the heart of Uttarakhand and it is just 32.5 km away from the Queen of hills, Mussoorie. So you don’t need to worry about your weekend plans as you can head to Mussoorie.
             If you want nightlife and a happening life & value career or money more than peace of mind then Delhi is best for you. If you are spiritual or Nature loving person who values mental peace and a balanced quality life more than a high paying job or nightlife then Dehradun is the place for you.

2. Climate is always pleasent:
            Dehradun is basically famous for its weather. Well it’s neither too hot in Summers, nor too cold in Winters. The climate of Dehradun is just perfect.

3. Safety:
            Dehradun is one of the safest city in India. You don’t need to worry about crimes.

4. Quality Education:
            Dehradun is also famous for its education(from schools and colleges) as it is also known as the “Education Hub” of India. Famous Schools of Dehradun are The Doon School, St. Joseph’s Academy, St. Thomas College, Welham Girls School, Welham Boys School an many more. Famous Colleges of Dehradun are Uttaranchal Institute of Technology(UIT), Graphic Era University, IMS, DIT, DBIT, DBIMS, Shivalik College of Engineering, Beehive College of Engineering and Technology and many more. Apart from Dehradun, Students came from many different places to grab Education from Dehradun.

5. Best street food ever:
           The food in Dehradun is very tasty. From street food to high profile restaurant, Dehradun has got it all. If you are in Dehradun city, then you should try out “Momos” in Singh Soup Bar at Rajpur Road, “Bun Tikki” which is very famous in Dehradun.

6. People of Dehradun are fun loving:
            Hanging out with a the people of Dehradun “Doonites” will never make you feel alone or bored, they will always have something to speak upon and crack jokes at. Nature of the people of Dehradun is very helpful and calm. Once you start hanging out with Dehradun people you will fall in love with this city.

7. Job Opportunities:
            You don’t need to go to other cities to find a job because now a days Dehradun has so many good companies which has job opportunities. Dehradun is under developed city. So, In future, their will be a bunch of big companies.

Best Places to visit in Dehradun:
1. Malsi Deer Park:

Malsi Deer Park

2. Robber’s cave:

Robbers Cave

3. Sahastradhara:

sahastradhara dehradun

4. Tapkeshwar Temple:

tapkeshwar temple

5. Mindrolling Monastery:

mindrolling monastery

6. Forest Research Institute:

forest research institute

7. Lacchiwala:


8. Laxmansiddh Temple:


9. Wadia Institute of Himalayan Geology:

Wadia institute of geology


Plot rate in Dehradun

We have the Actual Plot rate list. Plot rate in Dehradun are as follow:

Area Size Price
GMS Road 58500 Sq. ft Plot 13 Lakhs
Rajpur Road  1000 Sq. ft Plot 24 Lakhs
Vikasnagar 8100 Sq. ft Plot 70 Lakhs
Sahastradhara 5000 Sq. ft Plot 75 Lakhs
Mohkampur 1012 Sq. ft Plot 21.50 Lakh
Balawala 1890 Sq. ft Plot 25.20 Lakh
Clement Town 1000 Sq. ft Plot 25,000
Premnagar 1602 Sq. ft Plot 26 Lakhs
Shimla Bypass Road 900 Sq. ft Plot 6 Lakhs
Sudhowala 900 Sq. ft Plot 12.50 Lakh


                  In this article, you will find the plot rate of Dehradun areas like Plot rate of GMS Road Dehradun, Plot rate of Rajpur Road Dehradun, Plot rate of Vikasnagar Dehradun, Plot rate of Sahastradhara Dehradun, Plot rate of Mohkampur Dehradun, Plot rate of Balawala Dehradun, Plot rate of Clement Town Dehradun, Plot rate of Premnagar Dehradun, Plot rate of Shimla Bypass Road Dehradun, Plot rate of Sudhowala Dehradun.

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